For Parents

This blog is a window into the world of Galley Hill School – we want to share what is happening in our School!  The blog will contain a mixture of children’s work, updates about what we are doing and blog posts written by the children.

All the children will use first names only – for a full list of our blogging rules see this page

The rules are designed to make blogging safe.

Children will be encouraged to comment on posts – again, they need to make sure they stick to our blogging rules.

Other schools and teachers from around the world may also view and comment on our blog. All the comments have to be approved by class teachers before they are published so this is very safe.

We’d also love for you to comment on our blog posts. The more comments the better as they are read by the children and motivate them to write more. Once again, please make sure you don’t use your surname when commenting. You can sign your comment as ‘Lucy’s dad’ or ‘Tyrone’s mum’ etc.

We hope you enjoy following our blog!

3 thoughts on “For Parents

  1. Hi, it’s seems you all are enjoying your self.
    Gosh I better catch up on the washing,before Rebecca brings an other big load back.
    We all miss you Rebecca.
    Love from mum,Jacob and dad and also George the Rabbit.

  2. Hi its Rebecca mum, Elizabeth,
    I’m glad you all got there safety!
    Hope you are enjoying your self Rebecca.
    We all miss you. Jacob last night wanted me to go and get you as he has missing
    You. Love mum xxx

  3. Hello is there going to be a daily blog for the parents of your students on the PGL trip to read?There have been for previous years. I know there are several of us looking but to no avail. Thank you

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