Aboriginal Art

I have just had some visitors to my office from Year 5. They have been learning about Australia today and brought this fantastic piece of Aboriginal art work to show me which they had worked collaboratively to create. They were able to tell me all about the traditional story that inspired the picture and talk about the symbols they had included! Well done ladies.



Have you seen our Wow board? We use it to celebrate work from every class that our teachers and ourselves are really proud of. There’s a fantastic range of work on there right now, including limericks, writing about Robert Snooks and eye-catching artwork of the Great Fire of London.


Safe and sound at PGL

Zzzzzzzzz! We’re all exhausted after a non-stop afternoon and evening. Having arrived just before 4pm, we met our wonderful group leader, Darryl, who made us feel right at home straight away. Our rooms are on the top floor and are extremely plush.

After a tour of the sight, we gobbled down a delicious dinner of chicken, shepherd’s pie or cannelloni finished off with a doughnut oozing fruity jam.

The crowning moment of the day was invading the flood-lit astro-turf for two action-packed hours of ‘capture the flag’. Exhilarated yet exhausted, we have just returned to our rooms for a well deserved rest. Lights will be going out at 10pm before our new day starts at 7:15!

Lots of love from the children.

Reasoning Week

This week has been Reasoning Week at Galley Hill. We have been working hard on solving problems and talking about why and how we have reached an answer both in Maths and across the curriculum. Here is just a tiny example of some of the work we’ve been doing. Parents – please spend some time talking to your children about their reasoning work. We think you’ll be really impressed!

image image image image image image image image image

Scarecrows take over Galley Hill!

image image image

We are very excited that so many children and their families have taken up the FROG’s challenge of making a scarecrow ahead of our Harvest Festival tomorrow. Our hall is being taken over! They are all really super. It’s going to be very difficult for the judges to select a winner. Well done to everybody who has taken part.

Year 5 6 animation days – Amethyst

Today Amethyst had their animation day with Martin, they worked really hard and created some great videos.untitled
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Amethyst HS DP LS from Mrs Lee on Vimeo.

Amethyst BC-LM-EB from Mrs Lee on Vimeo.

Amethyst HY YM ES from Mrs Lee on Vimeo.

Amethyst SN,BH,EH from Mrs Lee on Vimeo.

Butterfly life cycle from Mrs Lee on Vimeo.

Amethyst lp from Mrs Lee on Vimeo.

Ameythst CD, AE, EB from Mrs Lee on Vimeo.

Amethyst LA TT Ap from Mrs Lee on Vimeo.

Amethyst SA IM LC from Mrs Lee on Vimeo.

amethyst fh dm dh from Mrs Lee on Vimeo.

Comments from the day:
“I liked animating and making a video. I learnt that the animation we did was stop motion.”
“I really enjoyed doing the animation and I learnt that it is not easy to be an animator.”
“I liked that you got to make your own characters and scene”
“I loved the animation workshop, it is so amazing how it looks like it is moving in the film but it’s really not. I learnt that one second of a movie takes a long time”
“I liked working as a group and making an animation”
“Yesterday I learnt how to use ZU3D; moreover I also liked the animating part because it was really fun”

Year 5 6 Animation days – Sapphire

Years 5 & 6 are working with Martin Bailey from Animate2Educate to create animations on their topic of Life Cycles.
The children worked really hard in creating their animations and we hope that you enjoy watching them.

sappireldk from Mrs Lee on Vimeo.

sapphire EL JW EB from Mrs Lee on Vimeo.

sapphire D SI KB from Mrs Lee on Vimeo.

sapphiresmandfsandag from Mrs Lee on Vimeo.

sapphire Ap Eg Rp from Mrs Lee on Vimeo.

sapphie bh ltm cm from Mrs Lee on Vimeo.

sapphire HF,SM,OC from Mrs Lee on Vimeo.

Sapphire IA AM Km from Mrs Lee on Vimeo.

Sapphire GJ JM KY from Mrs Lee on Vimeo.

gh from Mrs Lee on Vimeo.

The children commented:
“I enjoyed working with Mr Bailey and everything we done in making animations”
I enjoyed making things out of plasticine, I learnt that to make an animation can take 6 months and more.”
“I learnt about how you can make stop motion animations, I enjoyed all of it”
“I have enjoyed going on the laptops and making a film. I learnt that when you make a film you need to keep the camera steady.”
“I enjoyed making the animations, designing the set and making the characters.”
“My favourite part was at the end when we watched all of the animations”
“I enjoyed making the animations with Lucy and Kesem, Mr Bailey was so fun!”
“I loved yesterday when we had to do the animating, decorating the stage and playing with the
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Nursery retelling stories

After we have shared the story of Harry and the bucket of Dinosaurs, the children retold the story in their own words, using pictures as prompts to help them.


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