Almost there!

It was a little harder this morning getting up and getting out, exhaustion was beginning to catch us up but good spirits reign supreme!

Everyone was challenged to perfect their survival skills today, building dens, lighting fires and preparing for an emergency.

When we look back on this day next week, the main thing we will remember is going on the zip wire. It had to be one of the best experiences for all concerned (except for Dr.Inglis who was once again not prepared to expose himself to ridicule).

Thursday night is disco night at PGL. Our children had the opportunity to mix with others, their behaviour was a real credit to the school.

As we are typing, the children are packing, throbbing with mixed emotions-partly wanting to get home to family and friends, part not wanting this experience to end!

It has been a pleasure to be entrusted with the care of your children this week. We are proud of them, they have met our expectations and we will carry memories of this week with us for a long time.

From Dr.Inglis, Mrs.Dance and Mrs.Ringrose.

Half way there!

“Ging gang goolie!”

An earlier start today just after seven but our breakfast was as good as yesterday.

We are so proud of the children showing greater consideration for each other and other schools.

Having layered up as usual, we set off on our group activities before nine. The big barn was the location for fencing-EN GARDE! With our lunges perfected and our parries refined, the children tore into each other with their safety foils.

The main attraction of the day for all groups was undoubtedly raft building. First we designed and constructed rafts for the artificial lakes with the help of a little know-how from our instructors and then it was time to test them. Splish, splash, splosh! For most of the children falling in the water was more fun than staying on the raft. Fortunately, hot showers awaited them all in their rooms plus chicken nuggets for tea.

After the daily room inspection, it was outside once more for a toasty campfire. There were stories, songs and sticky marshmallows toasted on the end of sticks. A wonderful end to our third day.


Second day at PGL

“Come on Dr.Inglis! Why don’t you try the trapeze?” shouted Mrs.Ringrose and Mrs.Dance.

If it’s possible, the second day has been even better than the first. The children have been generally great in meeting our expectations.

Our first breakfast was sumptuous with baked beans, hash browns, scrambled eggs, sausages, everything you could wish for! Our first full day of activities has included quad biking, open canoeing, archery & aeroball. It has been a delight to see the children overcoming their fears, facing new challenges, rising to the occasion. Arguably, the highlight of the day was open canoeing. This involved children pairing up to paddle a boat around a man-made lake. They learnt how to manoeuvre deftly, maintain balance and return safely to harbour. Some children took the opportunity to play a game ending in man overboard. You can imagine the good-humoured drenching that took place. 😀

Mrs.Dance and Mrs.Ringrose bravely completed the trapeze and although Dr.Inglis shied away from exposing himself to ridicule, he did hit a bullseye in archery.

We’re all now preparing for bed. Roll on day number three!

Parents – please keep your comments coming in, they will be passed on to the children.

Safe and sound at PGL

Zzzzzzzzz! We’re all exhausted after a non-stop afternoon and evening. Having arrived just before 4pm, we met our wonderful group leader, Darryl, who made us feel right at home straight away. Our rooms are on the top floor and are extremely plush.

After a tour of the sight, we gobbled down a delicious dinner of chicken, shepherd’s pie or cannelloni finished off with a doughnut oozing fruity jam.

The crowning moment of the day was invading the flood-lit astro-turf for two action-packed hours of ‘capture the flag’. Exhilarated yet exhausted, we have just returned to our rooms for a well deserved rest. Lights will be going out at 10pm before our new day starts at 7:15!

Lots of love from the children.