Year 5 6 Computing

Year 5 & 6 are learning more about searching the World Wide Web, they are asked to explore the following websites:

All about Explorers – complete the treasure hunt about John Calbot.

Tree Octopus – Why is the Tree octopus not on the official endangered species list?

Velcro Crop– What issues do you think affects the Velcro crop?

Dog Island – How many dogs currently live on Dog Island?

Tomato Spider – What does a Tomato spider eat?

Through exploring these sites the children all learnt not to trust everything you read on the World Wide Web.

Year 3 4 Anti-bullying week

In Year’s 3 & 4 lesson today the children have been discussing the theme of this year’s anti-bullying week which is the  Power for Good.



They have learnt that online bullying we are all different and that our differences should be celebrated and that we can all make a difference to stop bullying and to create a safer and more respectful online world. 

They have added their thoughts to a collaborative wall.

Made with Padlet

Year 1 Computing

Year 1 created an eCollage using 2 Paint a Picture, they used a picture of a real leaf to create their pictures.


Nursery Computing

Today Nursery children came to the Computer Suite, they used their mouse skills to create a Firework picture.
We hope you enjoy looking at their pictures, please comment.

Year 2 Computing

Year 2 learnt about Firework safety and created pictures using many of the tools in 2 Paint an Picture.

We hope you like the pictures.



Year 1 Computing

Year 1 used the tools and features of a paint program to create a picture of fireworks. They also earnt how to stay safe around fireworks.

We hope you enjoy their pictures.