Half way there!

“Ging gang goolie!”

An earlier start today just after seven but our breakfast was as good as yesterday.

We are so proud of the children showing greater consideration for each other and other schools.

Having layered up as usual, we set off on our group activities before nine. The big barn was the location for fencing-EN GARDE! With our lunges perfected and our parriesĀ refined, the children tore into each other with their safety foils.

The main attraction of the day for all groups was undoubtedly raft building. First we designed and constructed rafts for the artificial lakes with the help of a little know-how from our instructors and then it was time to test them. Splish, splash, splosh! For most of the children falling in the water was more fun than staying on the raft. Fortunately, hot showers awaited them all in their rooms plus chicken nuggets for tea.

After the daily room inspection, it was outside once more for a toasty campfire. There were stories, songs and sticky marshmallows toasted on the end of sticks. A wonderful end to our third day.


8 thoughts on “Half way there!

  1. hope you are having a great time It seems strange when you are gone 1 more
    day and hopefully you have enjoyed every bit of it

  2. You are all having so much fun! They won’t want to come home! It is so quiet at home but so pleased you are all having an awesome time! So proud of you Owen and can’t wait to see you Friday xxx

  3. Hope you all have an exciting day today can’t wait to hear all about Chloe we are all missing loads very proud of you love you lots from mum ,dad,Lewis,Alfie and miloxxxxxx can’t wait to see you Friday for a hug.

  4. What an amazing day. It sound like you all had. Hope today is just as fun. We’re all missing Angelina, can’t wait till Friday.

  5. Wow I am so envious of you all, what an adventure Emily and I wish we were there! Katie, home is not the same without you but we are sooooo very proud of all the challenges you are overcoming. Keep it up everyone, challenge yourselves everyday. Looking forward to all the stories you will bring home with you. Sleep well dream big and enjoy your last full day tomorrow! xxx

  6. This sounds brilliant! …You certainly keep them all busy !
    I’m so glad to hear the fun you’re having.
    I am missing my best mate loads, but just knowing you’re doing so many interesting activities, makes it all worth while. Enjoy whatever tomorrow brings ! xxxxxx

  7. This sounds like the best day ever, can just imagine the fun you are all having. Missing Ella and Kyle so much, our house is so quiet.

  8. Perfect midweek fun! I wonder if they all showered????
    Mine won’t want to come home all that outdoor fun!
    Can’t wait till Friday

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