Year 2 – Simulations

Year 1 2 are using lots of programs and websites to investigate computer models and simulations. Here are few of the sites they will be using during their lessons.

They will try to predict what will happen in the activities and how they control them.

Dress Humpty

Make a face

Humpty adventure

Dogs do tricks

Spot the danger

Go Jetters

Healthy Eating

The Great balloon race

Making a cup of tea

Design a parachute

Build a Neighbourhood

Design a garden

Create your own Bekonscot model village

Create a Park

Create a Farm

Create your own Train Track

Spot the Danger

Safer Internet week 2017 – Years 1 & 2

In their Computing lesson Years 1 & 2 have been talking about sharing photos online to understand the  importance of staying safe online and keeping personal information
private.  They used websites to create an avatar that they could use instead of a photograph, when online.

Here are some of the sites they used.

Twinkl avatar creator

Build your wild self

Mini Mizer



Year 1 Jade’s avatars

Yr 1 Jade

Year 1 Crystal

Yr 1 crystal

2 Diamond

diamond avatars

2 Pearl

pearl avatars



Safer Internet week 2017

The  theme for this year’s Safer Internet Day is Be the change: Unite for a better internet , activities are focused on how we share digital photos online and things we should think about before taking and posting any photos online.

Years 1 & 2 will be creating avatars to use instead of photos.

Years 3 & 4 will be creating their own avatars using shapes – sharing their thoughts on staying safe online in speech bubbles.

Years 5 & 6 will be creating posters to share their top tips to consider before posting images online.

Take the Safer Internet day quiz to see how much you know.

Year 5 6 Computing

Year 5 & 6 are learning more about searching the World Wide Web, they are asked to explore the following websites:

All about Explorers – complete the treasure hunt about John Calbot.

Tree Octopus – Why is the Tree octopus not on the official endangered species list?

Velcro Crop– What issues do you think affects the Velcro crop?

Dog Island – How many dogs currently live on Dog Island?

Tomato Spider – What does a Tomato spider eat?

Through exploring these sites the children all learnt not to trust everything you read on the World Wide Web.


Wow! What an incredible week we have had here at Galley Hill. Our incredible poppy display has been visited by our local MP, Mike Penning, and the Mayor of Dacorum, Councillor Robert Mclean. As well as this, it has been a social media hit, talked about on Heart radio and been on the front cover of the Gazette. We are very proud of all of the children for their hard work and for their understanding of what the poppy represents and why this is so important. All of the children who have spoken to our visitors have been an absolute credit to our school. Of course, we also need to say an ENORMOUS thank you to Mrs. Dance who organised the project and spent hours working on it.

We will remember them.

Year 3 4 Anti-bullying week

In Year’s 3 & 4 lesson today the children have been discussing the theme of this year’s anti-bullying week which is the  Power for Good.



They have learnt that online bullying we are all different and that our differences should be celebrated and that we can all make a difference to stop bullying and to create a safer and more respectful online world. 

They have added their thoughts to a collaborative wall.

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